At Quinta Margarita the ... 

...atmosphere is casual, pleasant, and conducive to a restful stay.  The Mexican Caribbean architecture of the building celebrates some of the areas traditions with wooden patio rawlings, a central garden area, a wooden reading lounge deck and a beautiful roof top terrace with a bbq grill.

Then stay at Quinta Margarita Suites.

We invite you to experience an unforgettable vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at Quinta Margarita. The hotel boasts unique apartment style accommodation and exceptionally friendly service that brings back return travelers each year.

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We also feature...

We also feature chaise loungers and a small pool.  The view of the city and the surrounding Caribbean paradise is impressive.  We are proud that Quinta Margarita is able to provide clean, comfortable, renovated accommodations for our guests, so that they may enjoy either a short or long stay in Playa del Carmen.

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Quinta Margarita has location!

Quinta Margarita Suites is in the heart of Playa del Carmen, within the tourist zone, where you can find everything you could possibly need on a vacation.

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Quinta Margarita


All in one space. Fully furnished and …

Our studio is a fully furnished unit with a kitchenette, bar and breakfast nook, queen-sized bed, TV and wireless Internet hook up.  The studio is perfect for a single guest or is suitable for a couple.  If you are a person who wants to have quality accommodations with the comforts of your own home, while also having the ability to prepare something to eat at your own leisure then, Quinta Margarita Studio is ideal for you. 

Price for 1 night $108USD
Price for 1 week $540 USD

For monthly rental or extended stay please contact us
*Prices subject to change.
Prices are not applicable for Semana Santa
or from December 15th to January 15th.

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